Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance Cat Food BzzCampaign

I recently got to join the Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance BzzCampaign from BzzAgent.  Most anyone with a cat or a dog are familiar with Hill's Science Diet pet goods.  Ideal Balance is the perfect balance of the best natural ingredients, including fresh chicken as the #1 ingredient, fruits and veggies such as cranberries, and wholesome, necessary nutrients to keep your cat or dog looking and feeling great.  But quality, natural ingredients are just the start — Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance features a scientifically precise blend to deliver exactly what your pet needs, and nothing they don't. Ideal Balance is not made with corn, artificial colors or preservatives.  As I have 2 cats,  chose to try the New Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance cat food which is also available in Kitten, Adult, and Mature Adult varieties.  I got the adult variety.  My cats must be able to smell this food through the bag and it must smell good because they were on it as soon as I brought it into the house.  I gradually switched them over as the directions say to do on the bag.  My cats love this stuff. They actually start meowing to be fed before it's time to feed them.  I accidentally left bag out on the counter and one of my cats chewed into it.  I feel good feeding them Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance because it is good for them.  It is also formulated for easy digestion and has optimal levels of key nutrients.  I've noticed that my once cat that tends to vomit a lot is not getting sick nearly as often.  Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance pet food for cats and dogs can be found at pet specialty stores, such as Petco, PetSmart and neighborhood pet shops as well as select vet offices. You can go to and download the free bag rebate as well as compare your pet's current food Ideal Balance. 

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